Child Health Task Force

Efforts to encourage healthier lives for children has been the work of the Warm Springs Child Health Task Force for the past two years.  Members of the task force come from across health care fields, education & youth programs.  For the past year – there has been an effort to increase public awareness through 5-2-1-0 messaging on KWSO and in the community.  The latest information is a video.

The world’s weight problem is growing in countries rich and poor, and in many of them obesity is increasing faster in children than adults. The research found obesity has tripled in youth and young adults in countries like China, Brazil and Indonesia. That suggests future increases in diabetes and other health problems in much of the world. Similar studies by the same researchers have shown obesity is increasing, but their new work offers startling new numbers about children. The researchers estimated more than 107 million children and 603 million adults can be counted are obese. Together, that’s about 10 percent of the world’s population.  The New England Journal of Medicine published the report online today, Monday June 12, 2017.