Calendar for Sunday 4/5/20

COVID-19 symptoms are: a cough, fever and shortness of breath.  If you have those symptoms call the I.H.S. “COVID-19 Nurse Triage Hotline” at 541-553-5512.  Outside of I.H.S. regular hours – you can call the Registered Nurse Health Advice Hotline at 1-866-470-2015.

Please remember when you go to the Health & Wellness Center – you will be stopped at the gate.  For everyone’s safety – reduce your speed as you turn in.  They will simply ask if you are sick or not and what you are at the clinic for.  They will then direct you for where to go next.

Things everyone should be doing is to:

  • Stay home as much as possible (kids, too).
  • Stay at least 6 feet away from others any time you are out
  • Go out only for essentials like groceries, medical care, or work.
  • Exercise Outside but stay 6 feet apart from others.
  • Use phone and video to connect with people instead of in person

DO NOT – Gather in groups – Get together with friends – Have play dates for kids – or Make unnecessary trips

All schools are closed in Oregon and districts are working on their “Distance Learning for All” plans that will likely guide learning for the rest of the school year.   Jefferson County 509 J School District has launched supplemental learning supports on their website JCSD dot K 12 dot O R dot U S  (   In addition to the website resources, printed materials, including paperback books will be available at all meal serving locations with new materials rolling out on Wednesdays.   The 509J meal program is being offered to youth 1-18 years old.   The free, grab and go meals, are being provided with breakfast and lunch available together.   Meal sites & schedules are also posted on the district website.

With exercise classes cancelled for the time being, Warm Springs Community Health has posted short workouts on their Facebook Page.  You can find them with a Facebook Search for “CTWS Community Health Services” (

The Movin’ Mountains exercise and weight loss program has been extended for 2 months.  Final weigh-ins are now scheduled for July 9th through the 11th.   Contact Carolyn Harvey at Jefferson County Health is you have any questions.

Easter is one week away and KWSO has teamed up with the Easter Bunny to help distribute treats for Easter.  You can pick up bags of plastic eggs filled with surprises on Friday April 10th from 9am – 5pm – by driving thru the Media Center parking lot.

The Spilyay Tymoo was first published  in 1976 by the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs.  It publishes bi-weekly with a focus on local news and information.  The Spilyay Tymoo is mailed, free of charge, to Warm Springs Tribal Members.  It’s also available online at at W S News Dot ORG  (

The easiest way to complete the 2020 Census during the Covid-19 pandemic is to do it online at MY 2020 Census DOT GOV (

If you don’t have the ability to do the census online – you can do the questionnaire by phone.    Call 844-330-2020 and follow the prompts.  You may be on hold for more than 10 minutes.  Be patient.  When you get to talk to a person, let them know you get your mail at a PO Box and you do not have a Census ID.    You can call in your 2020 Census information everyday from 4am – 11pm Pacific Time.   BE COUNTED WARM SPRINGS!