Since 1938, tribal members have conducted their affairs through their constituted the Confederated Tribes of the Warm Springs Reservation of Oregon. The Confederated Tribes is governed by a Tribal Council which has a combination of legislative, executive and judicial responsibilities which include setting policy and appointing key personnel in the Tribal government and Tribal enterprises.

Governing Body

The Warm Springs Tribal Council is the central governing authority of the Confederated Tribes. This eleven-member body includes eight elected members who serve three-year terms, along with three traditional chiefs who serve for life.

There are three districts on the reservation, with a Chief from each district. The Simnasho and Agency Districts each have three elected representatives and the Seekseekqua District has two elected representatives.

Tribal Council

Simnasho District Representatives

  • Raymond Tsumpti Sr., Tribal Council Chair
  • Delvis Heath, Warm Springs Chief
  • Raymond “Captain” Moody
  • Lincoln “Jay” Suppah

Agency District Representatives

  • Lola Sohappy, Tribal Council Vice-Chair
  • Alfred Smith Jr., Wasco Chief
  • Glendon Smith
  • Anita Jackson

Seekseekqua District Representatives

  • Joseph Moses, Paiute Chief
  • Brigette McConville
  • Wilson Wewa Jr.



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