KWSO operates with funds allocated by The Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs and participates in the Community Service Grant program from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. We also rely on support from our KWSO membership program and business underwriting programs.

KWSO 91.9 FM is a recognized Section 7871 non-profit organization and your support is tax deductible (Tax ID # 93-0383362).


KWSO 91.9 FM listeners become a member when they make a financial contribution of at least $35 in a year. Memberships last for the duration of 1 year from the date of donation and members receive a KWSO t-shirt or other available merchandise.You also receive recognition and invitations to our special events.Please consider supportingKWSO 91.9 FM by contributing at a level comfortable to you. All support helps and is appreciated.

Please consider a one year Membership Contribution, or a monthly Sustaining Membership.

Membership Contribution Sustaining Membership Printable Membership Form


Support KWSO programming by underwriting or sponsoring a specific program or a public service campaign.

Underwriting is the contribution of some form of consideration in exchange for recognition in an on-air announcement. Underwriting credit announcements may “identify” the underwriter and its facilities, services or products. “Identification” has been interpreted to include the following:

  • The name of the person or entity
  • Location information
  • Telephone numbers
  • Audio logograms or slogans that identify but do not promote
  • Value-neutral descriptions of a product line or service
  • Brand and trade names and product or service listings that do not include qualitative or comparative language

Interested in underwriting with KWSO?Contact Sue Matters, Station Manager at or call 541-553-1968.

Download, Print, and Sign a KWSO Underwriting Contract:

KWSO Underwriting Contract


KWSO is a non commercial radio station so we do not broadcast any advertising but rather offer underwriting opportunities for businesses.However our website is able to take paid advertising to promote an event you may have coming up or to get customers to walk through your door.If you are intersted in a rate sheet or better yet – a combination package for a website ad and on-air underwriting – contact Sue Matters, Station Manager at or call 541-553-1968.

Email Sue


KWSO mails out invoices monthly or as needed for our underwriting program and website advertising.There is also an option to pay online.

Pay Online


To the Center for Car Donations – and KWSO benefits!

If you have a car, truck, boat or motorhome that you would like to donate rather than sell or use as a trade-in, then we have the answer for you! KWSO has an agreement with the Center for Car Donations, a reputable and reliable organization, that will benefit both you and our organization.

Here is how it works:

  • You call the Center for Car Donations at (877) 411-3662 or fill out a donation form online.
  • Let them know you want the proceeds of your vehicle to go to KWSO.
  • The Center for Car Donations will pick up your vehicle (same day pick-up available in some areas) and handle all paperwork at absolutely no cost to you. (Non-operational and non-smog certified vehicles accepted.)
  • The Center for Car Donations will send you a receipt for your donation and any forms required by the IRS.

This is a win/win program for you and KWSO. You are able to donate your vehicle hassle-free and receive a tax deduction while we receive funds to KWSO radio to ensure that we can provide Warm Springs with quality radio programming. Want more information? Visit: car donation FAQ’s.

Donation Form