KWSO operates with funds allocated by The Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs and participates in the Community Service Grant program from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. We also rely on support from KWSO listeners through our membership program & KWSO merchandise sales as well as from businesses and organizations through underwriting and website ads.

KWSO 91.9 FM is a recognized Section 7871 non-profit organization and your support is tax deductible (Tax ID # 93-0383362).

From the Community Calendar to 6 local newscasts weekday mornings, from language lessons to local news, cultural, educational and informational programming – you can rely on KWSO to inform, educate and entertain.  Listeners can support KWSO and Local, Native Owned & Operated Media.  All support helps and is appreciated!

In accordance with Tribal, federal and state laws regarding donor privacy and data security, KWSO does not disclose donor information to third parties nor rent donor information to, or exchange such information with political organizations and/or candidates.




The KWSO sustaining membership program allows listeners to pledge either $10 or $20 a month.   Sustaining members are ongoing, monthly contributors to Warm Springs Community Radio.  You choose a giving level and your contribution is automatically deducted each month from your credit card or bank account, until you tell us to stop.

With your sustaining membership you get: a thank you: you’re signed up for our quarterly newsletter: and we will send you an invitation to KWSO’s annual membership BBQ.  Each fall – we send a special thank you gift for your continued support.

Sign up for a Sustaining Membership

Sustaining Membership



Our online store features KWSO merchandise that you can purchase.  Your financial donation for each item, supports KWSO operations. You can also make a Cash Donation in our online store. SHOP KWSO

Items include:

  • KWSO T-shirts
  • KWSO Mugs
  • KWSO Hats
  • KWSO Sticker Sheets & Bumper Stickers
  • and more!

Please consider a monthly Sustaining Membership, or a purchase from the KWSO STORE to support our on-air programming and online information sharing.



Business and Organizations can support KWSO by underwriting or sponsoring a specific program, programming in general, or a public service campaign.

Underwriting is the contribution of some form of consideration in exchange for recognition in an on-air announcement. Underwriting credit announcements may “identify” the underwriter and its facilities, services or products. “Identification” has been interpreted to include the following:

  • The name of the person or entity
  • Location information
  • Telephone numbers
  • Audio logograms or slogans that identify but do not promote
  • Value-neutral descriptions of a product line or service
  • Brand and trade names and product or service listings that do not include qualitative or comparative language

Underwriting package costs range from $100/month to $5000/year.

You can see current available packages HERE

Online payments are accepted.



KWSO drives visitors to our website with on air messaging as well as with daily links on our Social Media sites.  Business and Organizations can purchase a monthly advertisement or combine a website ad with an underwriting package at a discount.   See more details on website ads HERE

To learn more about supporting KWSO through underwriting or website ads contact KWSO Station Manager Sue Matters ( or call 541-553-1968.