Early Childhood Education re-opens

(WARM SPRINGS, OR) The Early Child Hood Education Center (ECE) in Warm Springs is re-opened this week after problems arose in the building aging heating system. Utilities General Manager Don Courtney says it began with a faulty gas regulator which led to other parts of the system breaking down and it’s not an issue exclusive to the just the ECE building.

“I’m finding in a lot of our buildings there’s been a lack of a scheduled maintenance program for the replacement on a lot of the equipment. In this case were talking about some 40-50 heat pumps in the ECE that technically based upon the age because both buildings are about the same age should have been a scheduled put in place to replace the aging equipment,” stated Don Courtney.

The solution is not easy and full renovation is costly, but Cortney says the tribe is looking at ways to fund a permanent fix.

“Its taken its toll and caught up with us to the point a major expenditure on the Tribe’s part to get the facility, an accredited facility, back on line properly is the next step were gonna be pursing this year.”

For now the buildings heating system is working and the plan is to continue to make repairs as necessary to keep it that way.