OHSU working with Warm Springs Students

The OHSU “On Track” Health & Science Curriculum will be working with Schools in the 509-j School District.  Middle School Age Youth from Warm Springs that attend the Warm Springs K-8 will be able to participate in activities during the school day and High School age students will meet at the K-8 Academy on the weekends.  There will be the opportunity for local youth to meet with OHSU students from a variety of Health & Science fields and they will share in a hands-on way what these different careers look like.

Susan Shugerman is the Assistant Vice Provost for Education Outreach and Collaboration.  She says “the “On Track” program will bring very exciting information, activities and engagement for students. We are trying to inspire the next generation of Health Science professionals.  These professions are in great need of representation from more diverse populations including American Indian people.”