Tribal Council Committees Selected

Tribal Council approved Resolution number 12,186 yesterday (6/30/16) selecting committee members for the Council’s three year term.  The committee members are to take the oath of office next Tuesday, July 5th.

Members of the Culture & Heritage Committee representing the Paiute Tribe are Myra Johnson-Orange & Lonnie Rose Tom with alternate Joann Moses.  Wasco representatives are: Margie Tuckta & Lepha Smith with alternate Radine Johnson.  Warm Springs Reps are: Margaret Suppah & Carlos Calica, with alternate Lavina Colwash.

Education Committee members are: Jaylyn Suppah, Pah-Tu Pitt & Deanie Smith with alternate: Ervanna Little Eagle.

The Fish & Wildlife Committee  is Kirby Heath Sr., Stanley Simtustus Sr., Bruce Jim Sr., Emerson Squiemphen, Jonathan W. Smith, Ryan Smith Sr. and Alternate: Donnie Winishut Sr.

Health & Welfare Committee members are: Janice Clements, Urbana Manion & Charlene Moody with Alternate: Jaylyn Suppah.

Land Use Planning Committee Members are: Jonathan W. Smith, Jimmy Tohet Sr., Evaline Patt & Alternate: Francelia Miller.

The Range, Irrigation & Agriculture committee is: Delford Johnson, Flint Scott &   Jimmy Tohet Sr.

The Timber Committee is Luther Clements, Anthony Holliday Sr. & Levi VanPelt with Alternate: Theron Johnson.

Committee members receive $7.50 per hour for their services with the exception of the Culture & Heritage Committee will receive $8/hour for their services; plus a mileage allowance according to the Tribal Mileage Chart and the Federal Mileage and per diem rates.