Nena Springs Fire Update Sat., Aug. 12, 2017

EVENING UPDATE 08/12/17 8:16PM

The Nena Springs Wildfire expanded in size today driven by winds out of the west.  The fire moved north and east – reaching the Deschutes river but Lines by and large held and continue to be improved around the Simnasho Community, on Schoolie Flat, and at the Mutton Mountains.  Crews will work through the night in spots requiring attention including Beaver Creek – to halt the fires advance.

Evacuation Levels were reduced at 6pm this evening.  Residences along Highway 3 from Simnasho through Schoolie Flat are now at a Level 2 Evacuation Notice.  The Community of Simnasho is now at a Level 1 Notice.  Also at Evacuation Level 1 is the Fish Hatchery, Charley Canyon, Kah-Nee-Ta, Culpus Bridge, South Junction and Wolfe Point.

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Saturday morning August 12, 2017, the Nena Springs wildfire was estimated at 34,000 acres. Incident Commander Richy Harrod, of Northwest Incident Management Team 12 welcomed the Oregon State Fire Marshall Blue team to Warm Springs to assist with structure protection.

You can see on the FIRE MAP the perimeter of the fire. There will be focus today on the Northeast area in rugged terrain along Nena Creek. Efforts to keep the fire from entering the Beaver Creek canyon on the Southwest perimeter continue today. The Simnasho subdivision is just west of the fire perimeter and increased protections will be worked on there.

Evacuation Notice Levels remain the same. Warm Springs Police have visited homes to give face to face notification as well as written notification. They are coding homes with colored ribbons to indicate their interactions at each home. Simnaso to Schoolie Flat homes are at Level 3. Highway 3 is closed from the KNT junction to Simnasho, except to fire crews and home owners. The Fish Hatchery is on a Level 2 evacuation order and are ready to leave if needed. Charley Canyon, Kah-Nee-Ta, Culpus Bridge and Wolfe Point are at level 1 and need to monitor fire activity and be prepared to evacuate if fire behavior shifts their way.

Kah-Nee-Ta Resort remains open with routine operations. The Agency Area of Warm Springs and the Highway 26 corridor is not affected by the Nena Springs Wildfire. Indian Head Casino and the Museum at Warm Springs are both open today.

Public Safety reminds those residents who stayed in Level 3 areas to stay at their home and off roads which have increased fire traffic. In general, all community members are asked to avoid the fire affected areas and be alert driving because of fire apparatus as well as weekend traffic on Warm Springs Roads and Highway 26.

Warm Springs Public Utilities is keeping a close eye on water levels to ensure there is supply for structure protection. The community is asked to conserve water by reducing lawn watering. Please don’t leave water running and do what you can to allow water reserves to build up in case they are needed for firefighting efforts.

Hazy and Smokey conditions continue in our area so please check on elders and anyone with respiratory concerns.

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