News Stories for Thu., Aug. 24, 2017

The 2014 Farm Bill authorized up to $20 million in funding for emergency assistance to livestock producers that suffer losses due to fire.  All livestock producers who have suffered livestock or pasture losses due to fire, should contact Christa at the Central Oregon Farm Service Agency.  Scott Duggan with OSU Extension is also available to help producers and can be contacted at 541.480.3091.  To apply for loss benefits under the Livestock Indemnity Program or the Emergency Livestock Disaster Assistance Program, applicants must file a notice of loss with Farm Service Agency within 30 days of the loss being apparent to them.  Only livestock raised for commercial purposes are eligible.  Livestock not eligible for this program include wild-free roaming animals, pets and recreational horses used for hunting, roping, or for show.

Central Oregon saw a spike in average gas prices in anticipation to Monday’s solar eclipse and the thousands of visitors that would be coming to the state to witness the solar event. AAA spokeswoman Marie Dodds tells the Bulletin that in Madras, the average gas price rose by 21 cents last week bringing it to $3.03 and an average 10 cent increase was seen throughout the state. Dodds says the higher gas prices are predicted to linger until Labor Day passes.

Warm Springs Off-Reservation hunting regulations have been approved.  Hunters can go by the Natural Resources office to pick up the tags, guidelines and regulations packet. Updated hunting information is also available on the fishing and hunting hotline at 541-553-2000. The Branch of Natural Resources encourages hunters to take advantage of off-reservation ceded land hunting tags. These opportunities reduce hunting pressure on the Reservation, which may help improve wildlife populations. And, remember, reporting of all harvests is mandatory. Harvest and hunting information is important for the wildlife department in determining wildlife population sizes, herd compositions and hunting pressure.