KWSO News Thu., Nov. 8, 2018

The repairs to the 14” water main line have been completed and the system was being pressurized and flushed overnight at fire hydrants throughout the system. Residents experiencing water outages can expect water to return today. When the water is restored the following steps should be taken: –Run water for at least 15 minutes to get out any air or sediment out of the system, a bathtub works best for this. –After that flushing is done, water heaters can be turned back on. The boil water advisory remains in effect.  Boiled or bottled water should continue to be used for drinking, making ice, washing dishes, brushing teeth, and preparing food until further notice. The Tribe will be conducting water testing in the coming days as well as preparing for additional repairs in the distribution system necessary to fully address the problem.

The water main break in Warm Springs, that was discovered last Sunday is just the latest water infrastructure challenge for the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs.  The 14 inch water main line near Shitike Creek ruptured earlier this year not far from the current break. This water main is the only line that distributes water to the south end of the Warm Springs Agency area and serves the West Hills, Greeley Height and Southeast water tanks.  Those tanks provide water to homes and businesses. There are water vaults within the system that are not working.  These underground vaults are designed with valves that help the water main line operate at a consistent pressure.  Because the vaults in the Warm Springs Agency water system are not functioning – too much pressure is causing the aging water main to break. Tribal Managers met Wednesday to get an update on the current repair and to make a plan for identifying what needs to be done for a permanent solution. Vault repair or replacement is needed as soon as possible to avoid another water outage.  The process includes identifying the optimal vault design for serving the Agency Water System.  Tribal Management is committed to taking this step. Replacement of a large section of the steel water main is also needed to avoid further issues.  A way of funding needs to be identified to make this change over as a final step in ensuring reliable water service to the Agency Community.

Local churches, the Madras Gospel Mission, Jefferson County Faith-Based Network and Shepherd’s House Ministries have partnered to provide a safe, cold weather shelter for Jefferson County individuals this winter. Folks can call 541-325-2478 to find out if the shelter will be open. In November and December, it will be located at the First Baptist Church in Madras. The location will change each month.

Beginning December 18th the Jefferson County Veterans Service Outreach conducted at Warm Springs will be held at the Warm Springs Senior Center rather than the Community Counseling Building. The program hopes to serve more of Tribal Veterans. Outreach at Warm Springs will continue to be held on the 3rd Tuesday of each month. Appointments for those mornings can be reserved by calling 541-475-5228. The veteran’s service officer will be available to answer questions that day during and after the senior lunch.

The 2018 Bob Main Men’s Open Basketball Tournament is this weekend in Warm Springs. Games will be played Friday through Monday at the Community Center.

Yesterday at the Community Center there was a winter clothing giveaway courtesy of Mt Hood Meadows.  About 250 coats and fleece jackets were distributed on a first come, first serve basis. Over a couple hours – folks stopped by and picked up winter wear for themselves and their families.  When Mt Hood Meadows changes their staff uniforms – they make the old ones available to Warm Springs Community members.  These are high quality warm snow jackets.  The Recreation Department helped organize the distribution yesterday.

Tribal Council and Management plan to meet with the membership next month regarding the future options for Kah-Nee-Ta, the Spilyay Tymoo reports. Tribal Council will meet on November 14 with Secretary-Treasurer Michele Stacona on the available options, including the possibility of working with an outside investor to re-open Kah-Nee-Ta Resort, according to the Spilyay.