Tribal Council Candidate Forums

Tribal Council Elections for the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs will be held on Thursday April 4, 2019.  Voting will take place at the Warm Springs Community Center 8am – 8pm.  If you have a question about your absentee ballot, please contact the Vital Statistics Department at 541-553-3252.

KWSO will be broadcasting candidate interviews in the weeks leading up to Election Day.

KWSO is also collecting audio at Candidate Forums.  You can hear the Agency District Candidate Forum HERE and the METH & OPIATE WORK GROUP Candidate Forum HERE

Here is a list of who is running for Tribal Council:

SIMNASHO (vote for 3 representatives)

  1. Levi Van Pelt
  2. Raymond Tsumpti
  3. Charles “Jody” Calica
  4. Ron Suppah
  5. Sal Sahme
  6. JP Patt
  7. Jaylynn Suppah
  8. Lincoln Jay Suppah
  9. Raymond Moody
  10. Harold Pennington
  11. Emerson Squiemphen
  12. T.J. Foltz
  13. Evaline Patt
  14. Aurolyn Stwyer
  15. Pricilla Frank
  16. Write in Charlene Dimmick-Moody


SEEKSEEQUA (vote for 2 representatives)

  1. Ruben Henry
  2. Lee Tom
  3. Martha Winishut
  4. Wilson Wewa
  5. Gerald Tufti
  6. Brigette McConville.


AGENCY (vote for 3 representatives)

  1. Anita Jackson
  2. Danny Martinez
  3. Carina Miller
  4. Dustin Seyler
  5. Valerie Switzler
  6. Wilfred Sando
  7. Leona Ike
  8. Glendon Smith
  9. Austin Greene
  10. Mike Clements
  11. Lola Sohappy
  12. Jeff Sanders Jr.
  13. Randy Smith
  14. Cassie Katchia
  15. Write in Marcia Soliz