Warm Springs K-8 Students to Rock Their Mocs!

Students at Warm Springs K-8 Academy are honoring Native Heritage Month by Rocking the Moc every Friday on the dates of November 7, 14, 21.

The students read the article about Jessica Jaylyn Atsye from Laguna Pueblo called “Why Are Natives Rocking Their Moccasins” by Aura Bagado. The  students learned that she created this challenge to all tribes to Rock the Moc on November 15.  As students read the article they realized they would not be in school on November 15th, but they still wanted an opportunity to show their Native Pride.

As a class they voted and they decided that we should have Rock the Moc Fridays.  So they have been making posters, and they created presentations to go and tell all their classmates about Rock the Moc. The students from Ms. Little Eagle’s class thought about the people that may not have moccasins to wear and so they said, “you should rock any type of footwear that makes you feel Native.” You can rock your Native slippers, your Pendleton boots, Native Socks.  They also told the student that they could decorate whites socks to look like moccasins.  They just want to get as many people as possible to participate.

Students have made a huge poster in which they will tally by class from K-8 which class has the most Native Pride gaining participation of students to rock their mocs.  So the 6th grade class put forward the challenge to all their other classmates.   They now would like the community to join them in honoring Native Pride by Rocking the Moc on November 7th, 14th, and 21st.  They said, you can wear your mocs at home, at work, even if you are just going to the store or the post office.  You should Rock the Moc.

As part of the Rock Your Moc campaign, students will be taking pictures of each class and we will upload our images to the Rock Your Moc social media network.  We hope our community will have a good turn out of participants and collection of images.

Ervanna Little Eagle, 6th Grade Class, Warm Springs K-8 Academy

small moc