509J cancels school Tuesday

Freezing Rain has made highways in Central Oregon treacherous this morning.  Around 4 am the Jefferson County 509-J school district called for a 2 hour delay, however numerous accidents and worsening road conditions led them to decide to cancel the school day around 6:20 am- to ensure student safety.

Road conditions are icy from freezing rain and that continues in the Central Oregon Region this morning.  Freezing fog is also present in some locations.  Around 4:30 this morning there was an accident on Highway 26 at milepost 109 between Madras and Warm Springs.  And at 4:45 Highway 97 was closed to do an accident between mileposts 105-107 about 10 miles south of Madras.

Warm Springs Tribal Offices, BIA Offices and the Indian Health Services Clinic are all on a 2 hour delay today.  That should allow for road conditions to improve before employees need to make their morning commute.

Local road crews are out spreading cinder at intersections and on hills.  Parking lots and sidewalks are also slick this morning, so please be careful.  The weather forecast is for continued wintery mix over the next couple days. The forecast is for Warm Springs temperatures to get to 31 degrees today while other locations will remain below freezing.  Be careful this morning to stay safe!



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