Full house for Comps and Benefits Fair

ST Comp Benefits article
Courtesy photo: Full house for comps and benefits fair.

A benefits fair for individuals employed by the Confederated Tribes, Indian Head Casino, Kah-Nee-Ta Resort and other tribal enterprises was held last week at the Warm Springs Community Center. Each of the four sessions held were filled to capacity as employees came to hear about current benefits packages available to them and they’re families. Representatives from the tribe’s new healthcare administrator Health Comp, along with retirement plan managers Miliman and other insurance companies conducted short presentations detailing the many options available.

Staff from RV Kuhns, which manages the tribes’ investment funds, explained how the investment portion of the retirement plan works noting the importance of being well informed.

RV KUHNS: As you are thinking about your 401(k) you’re thinking about retirement and you have two really important decisions. The first decision is that decision to save, the second is how do I allocate the funds that I am saving across the different investments that are available to me.

Those attending the meetings learned that the Tribes are changing the administrator for health insurance from Shasta to Health Comp but the coverage will remain basically the same.

The deadline to sign up for healthcare coverage or flex spending plans is coming up next Wednesday, December 17th. Interested employees should contact their Human Resources department at whichever the three enterprises they are employed.

Online Resources and Forms

Employees have until December 17, 2014 to enroll or make changes to benefits. If you are enrolled and have no changes, employees do not need to take action. 

HealthComp: Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs benefit plan administrator (medical, dental and vision) effective January 1, 2015.

Allegiance Flex Advantage: Allegiance Benefit Plan Management, Inc., develops and administers employee benefit plans for companies, associations and government agencies.

Unum: Unum provides supplemental insurance coverage in the workplace.

RVK: provides world-class investment advice to institutional investors, including defined benefit and defined contribution pension plans, endowments and foundations, insurance companies, and other special purpose funds.