Wellbriety Program at Tribal Court

The Warm Springs Wellbriety Program gives help to people who are in trouble because of an alcohol or drug problem.

A person who completes the Wellbriety Program will have his or her criminal charge dismissed by the court.

The Tribal Court and prosecution recently adopted the Wellbriety Program. Other partners in the program are Parole and Probation, and Community Counseling. Tamara Perkins, of NPC Research, is an assistant with the program, which is grant-funded.

The Wellbriety Program helps individuals to learn skills to make responsible decisions, and work toward a substance-free lifestyle.

Here are features of the program, as outlined by Nancy Seyler, tribal prosecutor:

  • The Wellbriety Court program requires more than 100 sessions of treatment, lasting at least 36 weeks.
  • Participants who relapse will require additional supervision and treatment, which may extend their involvement beyond the targeted 36 weeks.
  • Participants are required to have consistent contact with Warm Springs Parole and Probation, and follow a structured program, helping to identify and confront substance abuse.

The first step for an individual in the Wellbriety Program is for tribal prosecution and Parole and Probation to review the police report.

They will review the potential defendant’s criminal history, and complete an eligibility criteria and screening form.

The second step: Prosecution will inform the tribal court at the defendant’s arraignment hearing that the individual is eligible and willing to participate in the Wellbriety Court Program.

The tribal judge will initiate a court order “setting aside guilty plea and allowing defendant to enter the Wellbriety Program.”

  • The third step: The defendant will take a copy of court order and report to Parole and Probation to sign their Wellbriety contract.

Four phases

There are four phases for the person who enters the Wellbriety Program:

  • Phase 1: Report to Parole and Probation during the same working day of receiving signed tribal court order.

Sign the contract, and complete three probation visits per week.

The person must report to Community Counseling to complete the intake process and an alcohol and drug assessment. The person will then start the level of treatment indicted by their assessment.

  • Phase 2: The person in the program must complete a minimum of 40 hours of treatment and counseling, and make a minimum of three weekly contacts with Probation.

The person must complete any missed community counseling, groups and/or Parole and Probation hours. Every two weeks there will be a probation court review with the judge and probation officer. This phase is a minimum of 10 weeks.

  • Phase 3: Complete a minimum of 36 hours of treatment, counseling and complete a minimum of 24 contacts with probation officer.

Pay a minimum towards fees, and have a probation review every two weeks. This phase is a minimum of 12 weeks.

  • Phase 4: The person must complete a minimum of 28 hours of treatment and or counseling, and complete 14 contacts with the probation officer, followed by a probation review every two weeks.

Pay off the remainder of the $500 fee and pay off any other outstanding court fines. Have a probation review every two weeks.

The outcome: Upon successful completion of the program, criminal charges for the arrest that brought the person into the program will be dismissed.

In the event that the participant does not complete the Wellbriety Court program, the case will be sent back to tribal court, and a sentencing hearing will be scheduled.

For more information on the Warm Springs Wellbriety program, contact Martha Johns-Stewart at Parole & Probation, 541-553-3293; or Guy Wallulatum at Warm Springs Community Counseling, 541-553-3205.