Big day at Cowdeo

Isaiah Florendo had a winning day at the Cowdeo: He won four prize buckles, and the All Around Cowdeo Sadddle.

The Jefferson County Fair Complex hosted the Forty-Seventh Annual Cowdeo this month at the fairgrounds rodeo arena. Young cowboys and cowgirls from around the Northwest arrived for the competitions.

Isaiah won the Calf Riding, Goat Un-Decorating and the Horseless Roping. For winning these events, he won the All Around Buckle and the Saddle. He rode his horse Wup-Sin-Nee in the Cowdeo.

Isaiah says one of his favorite Cowdeo events was the Goat Un-Decorating, where the contestants ride from the start line toward the goat, get off the horse, and untie a ribbon from the goat’s tail. The fastest time wins.

Isaiah, 8, is a student at the Warm Springs Eagle Academy. He and his family live on a ranch at Charley Canyon.

He’s learned riding and rodeo skills from elders in his family, starting from his great-grandfather. Isaiah says one day wants to be in the cowboy business. Meanwhile, he’s practicing and looking forward to a new rodeo season in the spring.

cowdeo winner