Washanaksha board offers cultural grants

The Warm Springs Washanaksha Board is offering grants to tribal members and organizations. The application deadline is coming up on Friday, December 11.

The grants are for up to $1,200. Projects must meet one or more of these four priorities:

1. Promote tribal member and residents’ understanding of and involvement in cultural activities, traditions, arts, language, dance, history, music, etc.

2. Pass on tribal knowledge and practices to our youth and help them feel connected to their culture.
3. Preserve, practice and teach and tribal languages.

4. Support the work of our artists and traditional teachers, including their ability to ear na living from their work.

Applications will be accepted from the tribal members, residents, tribal programs, committees and organizations.

Projects must be completed within six months (by July 31, 2016).

Grant funding is sponsored by the Oregon Cultural Trust, which provides funding to Oregon county groups and tribes to support arts and heritage. The fiscal sponsor is the Museum at Warm Springs.

Washanaksha is an ichiskin word. It means that something is important: you take it in—heart, spirit and mind—and are committed to carrying it forward no matter what.

The cultural, tribal and family history, dance, art, ceremonies, music, and traditional practices are a foundation for the tribal identity—for each tribe and each tribal member. The Confederated Tribes Cultural Trust Committee chose this name because it communicates the highest purpose of their effort.

For more information contact Tamera Moody, secretary of the Washanaksha Board and museum Education coordinator, at 541-553-3331.