WS Tribal Council Establishes Cannabis Enterprise; Validates 2016 Tribal Council Election Results

The Tribal Council on Wednesday took care of some major business.  The Warm Springs Cannabis Enterprise was established.  The business operates under the Ventures umbrella.  Also approved by Tribal Council yesterday were the first ever recreational Cannabis regulations in Indian Country.  A temporary license was approved for the business until a Commission is established and the Tribe has amended the criminal code to allow the enterprise to bring cannabis plants onto the reservation.  The ground breaking for the cannabis greenhouse facility for this new tribal business is on Friday, April 29th from noon until 2 at the Lower Dry Creek site.

The Council also on Wednesday validated the results of the 2016 Tribal Council Election for all three districts.  Resolution 12165 passed, accepting the election results by a vote of 5 yes, 4 no, one member out of the room and the chairman not voting.  There is a 3 day challenge period, which will expire on Monday, May 2nd.  In the event of challenges, the BIA would need to have time to review them.  New tribal council members Charles Jody Calica, Ronald Suppah, Sr., Valerie Switzler, Carina Miller and Lee Tom will join reelected members Raymond Tsumpti, Sr., Eugene Greene, Jr., and Scott Moses.  The swearing in of the 27th Tribal Council could happen at the earliest, the middle of next week, however a date has not been set at this time.