CTWS Communication Plan

Warm Springs Tribal Council is taking steps to provide improved communication with the Tribal Membership. Recently it was announced that a new Tribal Portal is available online.  The portal includes Tribal Council’s monthly agenda, resolution inventories, committee information and reports, proclamations, budget information, historical and major documents, and enterprise reports. To log in to the Tribal Member Portal you need an email address.

You can go to the Tribal Website and click on “TM Log In” (http://warmsprings.me/).  For your User name – type the Upper Case Letter of your first name and the lower case letter of your last name followed by the month, day and year of your birth.  There are no spaces and you should end up with 10 characters.   Then your password is 4 digits – using your Tribal Enrollment Number. If you have a 3 digit number – put a zero first.

The Office of Information Systems is available to assist you with logging into the Tribal Member portal and can be reached at 541-553-3275.

On a recent Warm Springs Program on KWSO – CTWS Chief Operating Officer Alyssa Macy talks about the Tribal Portal Effort.  You can listen to that audio here:  https://soundcloud.com/kwso-radio/sets/warm-springs-program-100316-ctws-communication-tribal-portal-website-with-alyssa-macy