Warm Springs Tribal Member Hunters 2016 Subsistence Hunting Reporting

The Branch of Natural Resources is reminding all tribal hunters to submit 2016 Subsistence Hunting Reports. Every tribal member who was issued a 2016 deer, elk, cougar, bear, or pronghorn tag needs to report, even if you didn’t hunt or did not harvest an animal. Bring your tags to the Natural Resources office or use the drop box at the Warm Springs Market. Tribal members residing out of town may call in to (541) 553-2001 to report verbally but also need to turn in tags before next hunting seasons.  Tags may be mailed in to: Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs, Branch of Natural Resources Wildlife Dept., P.O. BOX C, Warm Springs, OR 97761. Reporting is mandatory. Failure to report harvest results for off-reservation and reservation hunts will result in a loss of hunting privileges for the next seasons. Harvest and hunting information is important for the wildlife department in determining wildlife population sizes, herd compositions and hunting pressure. Also, this information helps to determine where there are and are not animals, which helps focus habitat restoration efforts on the Reservation. The hunter harvest data, along with annual aerial surveys, help staff and Fish &Wildlife committees set regulations for subsequent seasons.

The fish and wildlife committee and wildlife department will be scheduling a postseason hunters meeting where wildlife staff will present 2016 winter survey data, 2016 hunting season reporting success data, and the meeting will be open to suggestions, comments, and concerns from tribal members regarding future fall hunting season dates, bag limits, ceded land areas and more. Additionally, Natural Resources will be holding a raffle for those that attend with prizes ranging from 2017 Bighorn ram tag, 2017 ceded land doe tags, and various hunting and fishing gear.