Evening Fire Info

The Nena Springs Fire started Tuesday afternoon (8/8/17) near the north end of the Warm Springs Reservation near Wapanitia. It moved onto the reservation and has grown this afternoon (8/10/17) to an estimated 23,000 acres from the reservation boundary, near Simnasho and onto Schoolie Flat.

This evening There are 114 firefighters working on the fire.  That includes local resources and initial help from elsewhere.  More resources are ordered and on their way.

About 40 homes have been issued a Level 3 Evacuation notice to leave.  Residents who have stayed at their homes are asked to stay off the road to allow safe access for firefighters.  Highway 3 from Kah-Nee-Ta to Simnasho is now closed to all traffic.  No vehicles are being allowed in and no residents are allowed in.

The community of Simnasho is at Evacuation Level 2.  Those folks need to be prepared to leave.

Along Highway 3 from Schoolie Flat to the Fish Hatchery, through Indian Head Canyon to the Kah-Nee-Ta Junction, Charley Canyon & Kah-Nee-Ta have been issued a Level 1 evacuation notice to monitor fire activity and be ready to leave if needed.

The Red Cross Evacuation Center is located at the Warm Springs Community Center.

“Northwest Team 12” – a Type 2 Incident Management Team got to Warm Springs at noon today and will be assuming command of the fire at 6am tomorrow morning (8/11/17).   A fire information center will be established tomorrow. The phone number will be 541-460-7525. An email address to reach Fire Information will be NenaFire2017@gmail.com