Nena Springs Fire Info

This afternoon (8/9/17) at 4pm, public safety officials announced that the Nena Springs Wildfire continues to advance toward Simnasho on the north end of the Warm Springs Reservation.

Simnasho and Schoolie Flats Residences have been issued a Level I Evacuation Notice which means there is a wildfire in the area and they need to be prepared to evacuate if needed.  Stay aware and be prepared.

There is heavy smoke from this fire and so folks with respiratory issues are encouraged to relocate if possible.

Highway 3 from Simnasho to Walter’s Corner remains closed to all traffic.

Highway 9 from Highway 26 to Simnasho and Highway 3 from Simnasho to Indian Head Canyon is restricted to local traffic only.  Motorists need to watch for emergency vehicles and drive carefully in smokey areas.