Warm Springs & the Solar Eclipse

A total Solar Eclipse will occur Monday morning August 21st at 10:21am in Warm Springs and will last for 2 minutes.  It is the first total solar eclipse of the 21st century.  A total solar eclipse is a point where the moon completely overlaps the sun creating a period of darkness during the day.

Central Oregon expects record numbers of visitors coming to view the total solar eclipse and local residents should be prepared.   Fill your gas tanks.  Get Cash (ATMs may run out or be hindered by slow internet).  And be sure to have needed prescriptions filled.   Overall, supplies will be limited and high demand may mean you can’t get all the things you need or want.  Traffic will be heavy and lines for food and in stores will be long, so exercise patience.

If you are traveling to see the eclipse in Oregon – check ODOT’s website for road conditions.  They have added Color-coded “speed maps” to show how fast or slow traffic is moving.  https://www.tripcheck.com/Pages/RCMap.asp

Watching a solar eclipse is a memorable experience, but looking directly at the sun can seriously damage your eyes. Staring at the sun for even a short time without wearing the right eye protection can damage your retina permanently.   The one safe way to look directly at the sun, whether during an eclipse or not: is with solar filters in “eclipse glasses” or in hand-held solar viewers.

Here is Everything you need to know about Warm Springs and the Total Solar Eclipse August 21, 2017.

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Be safe, prepare, have fun and enjoy a memorable Solar Eclipse!