ECE Closed All Week (10/30-11/3/17)

The Warm Springs Early Childhood Education Center will not be open next week (10/30-11/3/17) as steps are being taken to trace the source of E. coli bacteria that was found in standing water underneath the G-pod portion of the building. The water sample was from under G Pod not from inside the building.  Drinking water is not affected.

The whole facility is being professionally cleaned out of an abundance of caution. Cleaning, mitigation and resolution of the cause of the contaminated water under G pod will take some time so the Early Childhood Education Center will remain closed next week.  A MEMO was issued, by Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs executive management, today (10/27/17) explaining the situation and announcing a Public Meeting to update the Community on Wednesday November 1, 2017 at 6pm at the Agency Longhouse.

E. coli are bacteria that live in the digestive systems of animals and people. Everyone has them, and they do not usually cause problems. But there are different types of E. coli and some types do cause disease. Ingesting one of these types by either eating or drinking something infected can cause diarrhea and other symptoms. To reduce your chances of getting and spreading E. coli, be sure to wash your hands before eating. Remember to stay home from work or school if you feel ill and have diarrhea. If you have health questions or concerns contact Warm Springs Community Health at 541-553-2460. You can see additional information on E. coli HERE

The Warm Springs Early Childhood Education Center was opened in May 1992. The facility consists of 7 “pods” that are connected by a corridor or covered sidewalk. The building houses: a Child Care Program, Tribal Preschool, Headstart & a School Age Care program.