News Stories Wed., Apr. 11, 2018

The May 15 Primary Election is quickly approaching. April 24th is the last day to register to vote in time for this election if you are not already registered. It is also the last day voters can make party registration changes. State law only provides a Primary Election for major political parties. If you want to vote in the Primary of one of Oregon’s three major parties (Democratic, Independent, or Republican), you can do so if you are registered with your desired party by April 24th at 11:59pm. This year, the Independent Party of Oregon (IPO) has opened its Primary Election to non-affiliated voters. Those voters may vote in the IPO Primary without changing their registration by requesting an IPO ballot from the county clerk. The Democratic and Republican Parties of Oregon are open only to voters registered with those parties. Non-affiliated voters and members of minor political parties will be mailed a ballot that includes all nonpartisan races for which they are eligible to vote. Watch for the Primary Voters Pamphlet that will arrive in mailboxes between April 18-20.

The deadline to respond to a purchase offer from the Warm Springs Land Buy Back program is coming up on April 24. If you have already returned your paperwork, that’s all you have to do. But, if you have received an offer and are interested in selling, staff is available to answer questions, or assist in completing the paperwork. The coordinator is Randy Scott and the outreach coordinator is Tiffiney Yallup. Their offices are located here at the Warm Springs Media Center, their phone number is 541-615-0997. As of last week, only 111 responses to the Buy Back offers had come in, 103 of those had been accepted. A total of 677 offers have been made to landowners of Warm Springs Reservation allotments, the Spilyay Tymoo reported. The Warm Springs Buy Back program has available approximately $4 million for purchases among the Warm Springs allotment owners. Read more about the Land Buy Back Program in the latest Spilyay Tymoo newspaper that is out today.

Parents of youth who will be entering kindergarten at the Warm Springs K8 Academy in the fall can pre-register them at the College and Career Night this evening at the school. Look for the booth set up during the event. A Kindergarten Welcome for parents is going to be held on April 19th from 2-3:00.