News Stories Jun. 7, 2018

Warm Springs Higher Education is reminding students who plan to utilize the tribal scholarship that the deadline to apply is fast approaching. The annual scholarship deadline is always July 1st. This year, that date falls on a Sunday, so plan accordingly. The Tribal Scholarship Application packet is now available online. It is available for download on the tribal website

SEATTLE (AP) — A conservation group says the federal government is failing to protect offshore areas along the U.S. West Coast to help endangered orcas. The Center for Biological Diversity told the National Marine Fisheries Service on Wednesday that it will sue if the agency keeps delaying a designation for offshore habitat where the Puget Sound orcas would be protected.

CHARLESTON, S.C. (AP) — Roughly 4 million low-income households receiving federal housing assistance would be affected by a proposal to increase rents. The hikes are the latest attempt by the Trump administration to scale back the social safety net, under the belief that charging more for rent will push people receiving federal assistance to get jobs and earn more. An analysis by the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities shows that families would be affected disproportionately, including 3 million children.

A Zone 6 Commercial Sturgeon setline Fishery has been is underway for the John Day Pool. It will run through 6 pm, Friday, June 15th.  And, as previously announced, the Zone 6 Platform and Hook & Line Fishery for Zone 6 has reopened to subsistence fishing only. Call the Fishing & Hunting Hotline 541-553-2000 for details on restrictions and sales.