KWSO News Oct. 17, 2018

Warm Springs Telco is installing and upgrading equipment and software at the Telco and in all towers. Over the next few weeks, Telco customers will experience temporary outages. Most outages will occur from 2-5am to have the least amount of impact to customers. Telco is working to provide reliable internet and telephone service. They also will soon provide packages with faster internet for residential customers.

BEND, Ore. – A rare virus is popping up around the country and it mimics symptoms of polio, and a stroke. The virus is called “acute flaccid myelitis,” and it’s become a nationwide problem. The Centers for Disease Control have now confirmed 62 cases in 22 states. Bend’s KTVZ reported the virus has appeared primarily in Colorado and Minnesota, but a recent case was just confirmed in Washington state. It has not yet been reported in Oregon. She said the virus comes on as a secondary illness after patients get over a cold or the flu. It’s also primarily seen in children under 10. Symptoms include weakness, slurred speech or lethargy.  Frequent handwashing and a good night’s sleep are the recommendations for warding off the virus.

These fisheries announced on Tuesday began this morning and will go until the end of the month: Subsistence platform and hook & line fishing and Bonneville Pool commercial fishing. The open area is only the Bonneville Pool. Size limits are 38-54 inches fork length in the Bonneville Pool. Sturgeon may be sold or kept for subsistence use. They may be sold after the period ends. For further information, contact the Warm Springs Fisheries department.