KWSO News Thu., Dec. 20, 2018

Wasco Chief JR Smith has responded to a motion to hold a primary election for the Agency District Tribal Council candidates. In the letter to Agency District members, the chief stated that the December 12th show of hands vote on the motion was a non-representative and invalid vote, as the motion at the nominations meeting only represented approximately 2% of all eligible district voters. There are 1,283 on reservation and 795 off reservation voters. The validity of the vote was challenged in writing by an Agency District member stating that the individuals voting did not have their age or district membership qualified prior to the vote. Also part of the chief’s decision were the insufficient time to hold a primary election head of the April 4, 2019 election date to meet the provisions of  Ordinance 44 and budget limitations. The letter states it costs around 14,000 dollars to hold an election.

The Madras Boys Varsity Basketball Team is headed to the coast today for the Seaside Holiday Tournament. They will face Marist Catholic at 2:30 this afternoon. Other teams in the tourney are Cottage Grove, Corbett, Montesano (WA), Astoria , Newport and host Seaside.

The Tribes will be closed on Christmas and New Year’s Day. This will affect garbage pickup routes for the next two weeks. Starting next week, all Monday routes for the week of December 24 and December 31 will be completed as usual on Monday and all normal collection for Wednesday through Friday on both weeks will also remain the same.  But, the Tuesday routes that include Hollywood, Jackson Trail, East Spur and West Spur will be collected on Monday.  The other Tuesday routes that include Quail Trail, Juniper Street, Mt. Jefferson, Sunrise, Bear Drive and Looksh Street will be collected on the Wednesday following the holidays.  All routes will return to normal on January 8.

The Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs issued this memo in regards to the Stop Payment/Reissue Process for the Special Per Capita payment sent to Tribal Members this week: