Simnasho & Seekseequa Nominate Candidates

Meetings of the Simnasho and Seekseequa Districts were held last night (December 17, 2018) to nominate candidates for the April 4, 2019 Tribal Council Election.

There are 3 seats on the council for the Simnasho District.    Nominees who were present at the Simnasho Longhouse and who accepted nomination are:  Levi Van Pelt, Raymond Tsumpti, Charles Calica, Ron Suppah, Sal Sahme, JP Patt, Jaylynn Suppah, Lincoln Jay Suppah, Raymond Moody, Harold Pennington, Emerson Squiemphen, T.J. Foltz, Evelyn Patt, Aurolyn Stwyer, and Pricilla Frank.

There are 2 seats on the council for the Seekseequa District.  Nominees who were present and at the Seekseequa Firehall and who accepted nomination are: Ruben Henry, Lee Tom, Martha Winishut, Wilson Wewa, Gerald Tufti, and Brigette McConville.

Candidates who were nominated must complete background checks and their eligibility to serve will be reviewed by Tribal Council for approval.