KWSO News 01/08/2019

The Jefferson County School District 509J and South Wasco County have cancelled school today. So, no school in Warm Springs, Madras Metolius and Maupin. The Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs have announced a 10am start time to allow road conditions to improve for employees. The Indian Health Service clinic is also having a 2-hour start delay this morning. The BIA Roads Department, which has been closed due to the government shutdown, has been given the green light to send out trucks. So – they are out there now. Sit tight if you can; the roads are slick.

Tribal Council yesterday changed the date for the referendum on enrollment for Warm Springs Tribal Members from February 15th to March 15th.  The referendum question remains the same, asking Tribal voters to add the 1980 census to the list of baseline census years for determining the Confederated Tribes blood quantum.  Again the voting date has been changed from Feb 15th to March 15th.

Oregon environmental groups have withdrawn from talks managing the state’s rebounding wolf population because of what they call a “broken” process and concerns wildlife officials want to make it easier to kill wolves that eat livestock without trying other alternatives. Monday’s announcement comes after negotiations to update rules on how and when wolves can be killed. Their numbers are increasing as they spread farther into Oregon after re-entering from Idaho more than a decade ago.