KWSO News 4/22/19

The Warm Springs Native Aspirations Coalition hosted an Easter Egg Hunt this past Saturday on the West Campus.  Caroline Cruz, general manager of the Tribes’ Health & Human Services Programs says building protective factors in the community can help lessen many risk factors for youth and families…

More than 6,000 plastic eggs were part of this year’s Easter Egg Hunt. The next big Community Event in Warm Springs is Honor Seniors Day coming up on Friday May 10th.

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — Potato farmers are getting a late start on their crops because of a long winter and record snowfall in east Oregon and Washington. Normally, farmers start planting potatoes at the end of February. But this year the ground was frozen or flooded much later than usual. Washington State Potato Commission Director Chris Voight tells Oregon Public Broadcasting farmers weren’t able to start planting until April 1. Farmers are scrambling to cram two-and-a-half months’ worth of planting into one month. Voight doesn’t think that will lead to a french fry shortage. French fry companies have month-long emergency supplies in freezers the size of two football fields.

Drivers are feeling the pinch at the pump as gas prices surge throughout the nation this week, hitting the west coast particularly hard. Gas tends to see a surge in price each summer as demand increases for summer vacation, but Marie Dodds with AAA Oregon said this year’s spike came much sooner than expected. She attributed that to both routine and unexpected maintenance at gasoline refineries as producers switch from their winter gas blends to their summer gas blends.