Water Main Break Impacts

UPDATED June 22, 2019 10am
Repairs to a Water Main Break in a 14 inch pipe in the Shitike Creek have been made.  Emergency repairs have also been completed on the South East vault and the 8” water line on the north side of Shitike Creek.
Water Flow is first being established  to the South East reservoir but will not restore water flow to the Greeley Heights or West Hills reservoir. The South East reservoir needs to fill before water flow can be re-established to the Greeley Heights and West Hills reservoir. Water outages are expected through Monday (6/24/19) in some areas. The boil water notice remains in effect until further notice for the entirety of the Warm Springs Agency area including Kah-nee-ta, Wolfe Point, Sunnyside, Upper Dry Creek, Miller Heights, Campus area, West Hills, Tenino Valley, Tenino Apartments, Elliott Heights, Senior Housing, Trailer Courts, and Greeley Heights.
There is additional work that needs to be completed to stabilize the system which will be done over the next few weeks. The system remains unstable and additional issues may arise which could cause rolling water outages. Please continue water conservation efforts during this time period.

Current Water Outage Impacts:

  • Water has been restored in the Miller Heights neighborhood.
  • Water has been restored on the Campus area.
  • Water has been restored to Tribal buildings, businesses and residents served by the South East reservoir.
  • Water outages in West Hills will continue through Monday.
  • The Greeley Heights reservoir has less than 12 hours of reserves with continued conservation efforts. When reserves are depleted, this area will be out of water through Monday.
  • Shitike Creek Road residents and the Shaker Church will be be out of water through Tuesday due to additional work that needs to be done on the 8″ water line.

Drinking and grey water is available at the Old Elementary School on Campus. Showers are also available at that site.

Because of the 14 inch water main break in the Shitike Creek, the Warm Springs Tribes issued an Emergency Declaration  on Friday May 31, 2019.  They have implemented their Emergency Operation Plan to coordinate repairs and provide services to the public.

When a total water outage occurs affected residents should turn off your water heater. Any time water is not running for more than 24 hours, it is best to turn off your electric water heater by going to your circuit breaker box and throwing the breaker marked “water heater” to the “off” position. This keeps the element from burning out or overheating due to lack of water.

A Reservation Wide BURN BAN is in effect for Warm Springs due to dry fuel conditions and lack of water for fire suppression, it is critical we all take precautions to keep the community safe. The Burn Ban is for all outside burning including camp fires and any ‘hot work” that involves heat, sparks or flame.  Fireworks are prohibited as well.