KWSO News 10/3/19

The statewide contest “Get There Challenge” takes place from October 7th-21st. The contest encourages people to walk, roll, bike, ride the bus, carpool and telework, versus driving along. Central Oregon’s Cascades East Transit (CET) is encouraging Central Oregonians to ride the bus by offering Free Transit Tuesdays on Bend Fixed-routes and Community Connector regional services on October 8th and 15th 2019 (Bend and rural Dial-A-Ride services not included). CET and Commute Options will host fun tabling events on Tuesday October 8th and Tuesday October 15th to help riders plan transit trips and sign up for the Get There Challenge.

Federal authorities in Oregon have announced one of the largest drug trafficking busts in state history. At a news conference Wednesday, U.S. Attorney Billy Williams said 20 arrests made earlier in the day disrupted a ring that brought $15 million dollars’ worth of methamphetamine, heroin and cocaine to Portland from Mexico. The case involves 41 defendants, including the top two leaders who remain at large. Ten people were already in custody. Authorities say operatives around Portland, Oregon were filling orders for more than 75 pounds of meth and 55 pounds of heroin a week with Mexican drugs. Court documents say the operation also involved money laundering that operated out of a suburban Mexican mini-mart. Couriers brought drug proceeds to the mini-mart to be wired in small amounts back to Mexico.

The Oregon Court of Appeals won’t resolve a dispute over the impact of Klamath basin wells on surface waters due to newly imposed regulations in the area. The Capital Press reports the appellate court has dismissed the case because it’s moot and unworthy of review after the Oregon water regulators adopted different rules governing surface water interference from wells in the Upper Klamath basin earlier this year. The lawsuit was filed by several irrigators in the region whose wells were shut down in 2015 and 2016 by the Oregon Water Resources Department, which determined that groundwater pumping was reducing flows in the Sprague River to the detriment of senior water rights holders. Sarah Liljefelt, attorney for the plaintiffs, said the dismissal is disappointing because the agency’s repeated rule changes have effectively denied the irrigators a ruling on the merits of their case. Richard Deitchman, an attorney for irrigation districts with senior water rights who sided with the agency in the dispute, said his clients consider the dismissal a “win.”

Locally, Madras Volleyball got their first win of the season beating Gladstone 3-1 on Tuesday and look to keep winning as they travel to Molalla today, game starting @ 6pm. In Soccer, the White Buffalo girls fell to Gladstone 7-0 on Tuesday and are looking to rebound today as they host Molalla @ 4pm. Buff Boys Soccer is traveling to Molalla today looking for a win after they ended their game against Gladstone on Tuesday in a 0-0 Tie!