Calendar for Mon. Dec. 9, 2019

  • Tribal Council is in session today, on the Agenda: Secretary-Treasurer Update, January 2020 Agenda/Travel Delegations/Review Minutes, Draft Resolutions, Legislative Update Call, Enrollments, I.H.S. Modernization Update and Chuush Fund Amendament.
  • It’s a late start Monday for Jefferson County 509J schools. That means the school day starts 90 minutes later than usual.
  • Senior fitness class is this morning at 10:45 at the Senior Center. Participants are invited to eat brunch after – today they are having ­­­Turkey Pesto Sandwich.
  • Warm Springs Exercise classes today… at 12:10 its Functional Fitness in the Community Center Aerobics room and Pilates Yoga Class in Pod A at the Health and Wellness Center.  Functional Fitness focuses on functional movement, cardio, weights, core and more.   Piyo class is a combination of pilates and yoga, with a focus on strength and balance.
  • There is Women’s Prayer Group at the Presbyterian Church from 12:15-12:45 today. All women are welcome.
  • Warm Springs Community Health at the Health & Wellness Center has a Behavior Health Clinic every Monday and Friday, walk-in appointments are available between 1 and 5pm. Services available include screenings, assessments, crisis intervention, and referrals to seek mental health and medical care, substance abuse treatment or other community resources. Children, adolescents and adults are welcome.

The Warm Springs Recreation Department is having their Annual Car Light Parade on Wednesday.  Line-up will be at the old Warm Springs Elementary school starting at 4pm. Judging will take place at 5:15pm and the parade starts at 6. For more information call 541-553-3243

There is going to be a Timber Committee Meeting held this Thursday and it will be the last scheduled meeting for this year. This is a public notice if any community members have permits they need renewed, reissued, or any concerns they would like to present to the Timber committee. The meeting is held at the Forestry building conference room from 9am-noon.  If you have any questions call 541-553-3257.

Warm Springs Community Center Hours are Mondays & Wednesdays –  8am-8pm with ladies night basketball, Tuesdays & Thursdays- 8am- 9 pm with men’s IBA & Fridays- hours are 8am- 5pm.

The Project Zero challenge encourages you to maintain and not gain weight over the holidays.  Today’s tip is to make half your plate veggies at lunch and dinner (non starchy- so no peas, corn, potatoes on that half)

The 2020 Census begins April 1st.    You can earn extra income while helping your community – learn about census jobs online at

Now is the time for students planning to attend college or technical school next fall to start completing the requirements for the Tribal Scholarship.  That includes doing a FAFSA for financial assistance. Details are now available at – click on the slide that says Tribal Scholarship.

Students in need of school supplies can pick some up at the Warm Springs Library in the Family Resource Center.  Basic supplies are available to students during the library’s regular business hours.