031720 Jefferson County Restrictions

County Remains Open, Restricts Building Access to Employees and Appointments

March 17, 2020

Jefferson County is committed to make every effort to prevent, slow, and stop the spread of COVID-19 in our community. County officials encourage everyone to limit their contacts in the community in the days ahead and conduct as much business as possible online and by phone.

Beginning at NOON on March 17th all Jefferson County buildings other than Sheriff’s office and County Courthouse will be restricted to employees and prearranged appointments with citizens. Citizens may request an appointment for urgent business. This is an effort to reduce the potential risk of exposure between employees and the public. County services will continue through phone calls, email, facsimile, on-line payments, regular mail and drop boxes at buildings.

While this restriction includes the Public Health building, preventive health services, not related to COVID-19, will continue. Clients will check-in via phone from the parking lot, then be escorted into the building.

Departments may be reached by using the numbers listed below. For more information or to make an appointment please call.

  • Adult Probation 541-475-6145
  • Assessor’s Office 541-475-2443
  • Board of Commissioners 541-475-2449
  • Buildings/Cemetery 541-475-6288
  • Clerk/Elections 541-475-4451
  • Community Center 541-475-1148 or 541-419-1275 (leave message)
  • Community Development 541-475-4462
  • District Attorney’s Office 541-475-4452
  • Health Department 541-475-4456
  • Human Resources 541-325-5002
  • Fairgrounds 541-325-5050
  • Finance/Treasurer’s Office 541-325-5023
  • Juvenile Department 541-475-3463 Public
  • Works/Roads 541-475-4459
  • Public Health 541-475-4456
  • Senior Center 541-475-1148 or 541-419-1275 (leave message)
  • Veteran’s Office 541-475-5228


  • Sheriff’s Office/Jail 541-475-6520
  • Circuit Court 541-475-3317