KWSO Calendar for Thu., Sep. 17, 2020

Updated 9/17/20 6am

The Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs is delaying the start of work again today due to hazardous smoke conditions.  Employees should return to work at 1pm.

The Warm Springs Indian Health Services Clinic will start patient services at 10am this morning.  They ask that you call ahead if you plan on going there.   Outdoor Covid-19 testing is only for those who are symptomatic at this time.

  • For a regular appointment call 541-553-2610.
  • Tee I.H.S. “COVID-19 Nurse Triage Hotline” is 541-553-5512.
  • For all other business call 541-553-1196

The Drive-up Flu shot clinics are postponed until air quality improves.

NOTE: “bough” rhymes with “how”

The issuing of bough permits is postponed until dangerous fire precaution levels improve.  Industrial Fire precaution levels on the Warm Springs Reservation are at highest levels for a total shutdown.

The 2020 Census fun runs scheduled for this week have been postponed and will be rescheduled.
The next edition of the Spilyay Tymoo newspaper will be out next Wednesday.  The deadline for items to be published is tomorrow.  Contact Editor Dave McMechan if you want to submit something.

Tomorrow, a sign will be placed on Highway 26 in Madras designating the highway for Missing in Action and Prisoners of War.   Signage will be placed along the highway across the entire state.  Oregon is first in the Nation to recognize MIA’s and POW’s in this way.  There will be a presentation starting at 10am Friday at Madras City Hall prior to the sign installation.

The Oregon Humane Society is offering assistance for anyone under evacuation notice for their pets.  Call 503.285.7722 and then press 0.  You can also look at their services at

Assistance is available for Veterans and their families in need as a result of wildfire.  To learn more and apply email D A V dot V B A PORT at VA dot Gov (  Put WILDFIRE RELIEF in the subject line and include your name and contact information.

The Seventh Generation Fund for Indigenous Peoples is offering emergency funding to Native families impacted by the wildfires in the West. These one-time disbursements will be coordinated through the Flicker Fund to provide help during evacuations, loss of homes, escape from heavy smoke events, and other emergencies.  They are taking applications thru September 25th.  You can find the link in today’s calendar on the KWSO Website.

If you have information you would like us to share on the Community Calendar, email us the details at kwso at wstribes dot org