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Fire activity should continue to moderate with the weather. Temperatures will be cooler today and some rain is expected this afternoon and into Friday. Thunderstorms are possible and there is some concern about debris flow, which can occur when rain follows fire activity. The National Weather Service has issued a flash flood warning in Marion and Linn Counties.

Yesterday on the Warm Springs Reservation, firefighters coordinated with Tribal representatives to scout potential contingency fire line along the northern perimeter of the fire. On the Reservation, firefighters took advantage of the moderated weather to work more directly adjacent to the fire’s edge. Crews performed structure protection activities, such as clearing brush and vegetation from around homes, in Sid Walter. Firefighters patrolled established fire line and worked to build line directly adjacent to the fire in preparation for burnout operations in the coming days. To the east and southeast, the fire perimeter was largely in patrol status and crews engaged in mop up and removal of fire-weakened trees for public safety.

Most of yesterday’s work will continue today. Along the northern edge of the fire, crews will keep scouting for options to connect fire line west from the B-200 Road to Olallie Lakes, where they plan to tie control line in with the fire perimeter.  Good progress has been made preparing roads and dozer lines for burnout operations but there is still a significant amount of work to do.

Firefighters will continue structure protection around homes in Sid Walter and keep watch to secure the fire line on the Reservation and spot fires near Sisi Butte to the west. Firefighters expect to complete much of the mop up work in the Olallie Lakes area today. Along the southern edge of the fire, crews will continue to work with local fire districts in the communities along Highway 22 on mop up and patrol.  Structure groups will remain working in Marion Forks and monitoring the Stahlman area.

This evening, Pacific Northwest Team 3 will transfer command of the Lionshead Fire to Rocky Mountain Team 1.

You can read the full morning fire update HERE

Roads and trails on the southwest portion of the Warm Springs Reservation near the fires remain closed for public safety. Forest closures are in place for Deschutes, Mt. Hood and Willamette National Forests.