COVID-19 Protocols Tribal Buildings and Longhouse

The COVID-19 Team in Warm Springs made recommendations to the Warm Springs Tribal council COVID-19 protocols in Tribal Buildings and longhouses. The recommendations were approved by the Warm Springs Tribal Council July 19th, 2021.

Tribal Building and employee protocols.

  • All Tribal Buildings: If any person is not a regular employee/customer to ANY tribal building, they need to show proof of COVID vaccination by showing their CDC card or a picture of their card. Monitors should know by now who are regulars to their building, so they do not have to show proof every time. If proof cannot be provided, masks needs to be worn.
  • ALL those entering Tribal buildings need to have their temperature taken and a daily log kept on file in case there is an exposure in the building so contact tracers can access if necessary.
  • Events no longer need to be approved by the COVID Team.
  • Buildings no longer will be closed when there is an exposure. Each case will be reviewed and evaluated separately and sections will be sanitized.Longhouse Protocols.
  • Application for use of Long House(s) is through the Utilities Branch. Must apply a minimum of one week in advance.
  • Each application must assign a COVID Coordinator who designates the following, all must have been vaccinated or can show proof they had been COVID-19 tested prior to event and must wear mask at all times. 
  • Cooks/Servers: If food is served, to reduce possible exposure, all food must be served in take-out boxes. (Masks required to be worn at all times with exception when eating or drinking beverages).

These are only a few of the COVID-19 protocols in place at Tribal buildings and Longhouses. See both full longhouse and tribal building COVID-19 protocols here:  COVID19 Protocols – Longhouses 071921 COVID19 Protocols – Tribal Facilities 071921