OSU Extension Honors Arlene Boileau

The Warm Springs OSU Extension, today (Mon., Oct. 9, 2023)  honored long time 4-H leader Arlene Boileau and her atwai husband Mickey, in naming the Warm Springs OSU Extension Garden after them.

Arlene became the first 4-H faculty member in Warm Springs in 1986 and served in that capacity for many years until her retirement.

Family, Friends, Co-workers and former 4-H kids all gathered to recognize and celebrate Arlene’s contributions to the Warm Springs Community.

Long time OSU Extension agent Clint Jacks took part in the event.  Jefferson Greene shared a hand drum song and he and Rosie Johnson sang and played the 4H Big Drum.

The OSU Extension demonstration garden is located behind the old Boys Dorm and Victims of Crime Services.