Housing rehab for Tenino Apartments

Housing workers making some renovations to the Tenino Apartments. The Deer Loop units are getting new siding, new windows and heat pumps, and renovations on the interior.

The Eagle Way units are seeing new roofing and siding, patios and sidewalks. When finished, the total cost will be about $1.34 million, funded mainly by two Indian Community Development Block Grants.

A total of 49 units will see improvements. Housing director Scott Moses updated Tribal Council on the project at Housing update last week. He shared this Housing information:

Housing employees 23 people, with 22 tribal members and one MIT. The Housing enterprise manages a total of 386 units, plus 43 trailer court units.

The report to Council provided details as to the type of housing—Low Rent, Mutual Help, NAHASDA Homeownership, Tribal units, etc.—and the number of work orders per category. Further information:

Housing has had two positive annual audits, or “unmodified with no findings,” in a row, a first for the enterprise, Councilman Moses said. This means Housing is now considered a low-risk auditee, he said.

Housing rehabilitated 61 HUD and NAHASDA (Native American Housing Assistance and Self Determination Act) units in 2014.

The enterprise is managing four HUD grants, and two non-HUD grants, totaling over $3.374 million.

Housing is building 35 new units at Greeley Heights, total cost of $9.7 million, through a partnership with state and federal agencies, and tribal and private enterprises.