USDA video features W.S. Academy

The U.S. Department of Agriculture has produced a video that features the Warm Springs k-8 Academy and the community of Warm Springs.

USDA representatives were in Warm Springs this week, meeting with Tribal Council.  Jill Rees and Vicki Walker from the USDA showed the video to the Council, and requested permission to release the film to the public.

After viewing the documentary, Council approved its release.

The USDA was a funding partner in the construction of the Warm Springs Academy. They produced the video to show the opportunities the USDA can offer to tribal nations.

The video will be posted soon on the USDA website:

And the agency is also planning to have the video available soon on

Featured speakers in the video are an Academy student, Tribal Council Chairman Austin Greene Jr., school district board member Laurie Danzuka, and district superintendent Rick Molitor.

The background music was provided by the KWSO 91.9 radio station.