KWSO Call for Artists

KWSO is taking proposals from artists for artwork that portray historic moments in the history of the Tribal People of the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs.  The submissions can also depict pre-treaty traditional practices.  We ask artists to include in their proposal how they will conduct research along with their creative process in imagining the scene that they seek to depict.  The events and settings should be set in the 19th century or earlier since there is little record of those times.

This project is funded by the Washanaksha Cultural Grant and is called the “Multimedia Shaptakai: Art Interpretations of Tribal History.”    The images will be digitized and paired with audio about the subject matter.  The artwork will also be framed and displayed.

Four (4) submissions will be selected to move forward with the artist(s) completing artwork in the medium of their choice (minimum size 11” x 14”).    We ask that the art be designed so it can translate well in digital form.  Each of the four winning entries will receive $300.

More information and Proposal Forms can be downloaded here or you can pick up a hard copy at the Museum at Warm Springs, at the Warm Springs Media Center or 3 Warriors Market in Simnasho.   Proposals are due no later than 5pm Friday March 19th.

For more information contact Sue Matters at 541-553-1968 or email