Warm Springs Tribal Council Candidates

Warm Springs Tribal Council nomination meetings were held by district February 22-24, 2016. There are 11 candidates from the Simnasho District, 21 from the Agency District and 7 from Seekseequa District.  Here is the list of nominees who accepted their nominations by district:

Simnasho District

Raymond Tsumpti Sr., Sylvester Sahme Sr., Raymond Moody, Charles Calica, Ron Suppah Sr., Priscilla Frank, Evaline Patt, Orvie Danzuka, Emerson Squiemphen, Orthelia Patt and Frederick Duran Bobb.

Agency District

Eugene Austin Greene, Toni Made, Mona Smith Cochran, John Katchia Sr., Jonathan W Smith, Terry Squiemphen, Dan Martinez, Carina Miller, Leona Ike Smith, Jeffrey Sanders, Anita Jackson, Wissie Smith, Cameron Smith Lucero, Mike Clements, Valerie Switzler, Gabriel Walker, Susan Guerin, Glendon Smith, Demus Martinez, Ryan Smith Sr. and Jason Smith.

Seekseequa District

Lee Tom, Vesta Johnson, Wendell Jim, Scott Moses, Brigette McConville, Shirley Allen and Reuben Henry.

The date for the Tribal Council election has not yet been announced.