CTWS Constitution & Bylaws Vote

Tribal Members 18 and older have been sent information about the April 11, 2016 Secretarial Election regarding 15 proposed changes to the Warm Springs Constitution and Bylaws.

Those Tribal Members MUST REGISTER TO VOTE for this specific election by MONDAY MARCH 14th.  Registration Forms need to be returned to the Bureau of Indian Affairs Office, Warm Springs Agency by MONDAY MARCH 14, 2016.

The proposed changes are focused on Article IV of the Constitution – Organization of Tribal Council.  Changes being proposed include:

  • The election process for Tribal Council members from a Tribal Election to a Secretarial Election conducted by the Bureau of Indian Affairs.
  • The composition of Tribal Council from 8 elected members to 9 elected members. The lifetime terms for chiefs would be eliminated.  Chiefs could be nominated for council and if elected serve as one of the 9 members of Tribal Council.
  • The voting for all elected Tribal Council seats every 3 years to rotating terms so each year three (3) Tribal Council seats are voted on.
  • The eligible Tribal Member voting age would go from 21 to 18.
  • Tribal Council election date would be announced 90 days instead of 30 days prior to the expiration of members’ term of office.

Additional changes are proposed to redefine the Constitutional process for:

  • Vacancies and Removal from Office
  • Impeachment
  • Recall
  • Selection of Officers.

Bylaws changes being proposed include:

  • Adjustment to the language for Qualifications of Office for Tribal Council members
  • Giving Tribal Council Members a Salary and Benefits
  • Rewording the Meetings and Procedures article that has to do with disorderly behavior of Tribal Council members
  • Reword the article that states Tribal Council members will make reports to the people.

The most important action that needs to be taken by eligible Tribal Member voters is to REGISTER TO VOTE for this specific election being conducted by the Bureau of Indian Affairs, Warm Springs Agency.

Because this is a Secretarial Election – the voting age is 18 and voters MUST REGISTER to receive a ballot.  The REGISTRATION DEADLINE IS MONDAY MARCH 14, 2016.  Ballots are scheduled to be sent out on March 19, 2016.  This election will be conducted by Absentee Ballot ONLY and ballots must be returned by Monday April 11, 2016.