Madras High School Update

Madras_SecondaryLogoThe weather forecast says it will be Sunny and in the 90s this Saturday, June 4th and so the Jefferson County 509J School District has decided to move graduation to 9am to avoid the hottest part of the day.  The safety of the students, staff and families is the reason for the change.

Madras High School has been through many changes over the past several years.  Much of that is due to changing educational requirements that are by and large measured by testing.  This year brought change at the principal level.  Mark Neffendorf is a veteran educator who came to Madras last summer.  He reports that school climate is good and that one of the things he has learned is that Madras High is unlike any other high school in Oregon.  Next year, high school students will have more choices in their educational setting – with more Career and Technical classes available and also an option to attend a new alternative high school.  The school name is “Bridges Career and Technical High School.”   High School youth have the option to attend MHS, the new “Bridges” high school, ROOTS in Warm Springs or the current Annex Program in Madras.  You can hear more by listening to KWSO’s Warm Springs Program featuring an interview with principal Neffendorf.