Voter Registration for Nov. 8th Election

Election Day is Tuesday November 8, 2016.  On this year’s ballot we will vote on the next President of the United States, the Oregon Governor, an Oregon Senator and our Representative in Congress.  There are also other statewide offices and statehouse seats to be decided as well.  To vote, you must be registered,  To register you must be 18 years old, a U.S. citizen and an Oregon resident.  Voters with questions about their voter registration status can visit  You can also do that on our website,, click on the Rock the Vote Ad – you can register or check on your status.  New voters or Oregonians who want to update their voter registration information in time for the upcoming have until October 18, 2016 to do that.  You can also stop in at any County Clerk office in Oregon to register.  Vote by mail ballots go out on October 19, 2016.