News Stories for Fri., Jun. 30, 2017

There have been recent losses of livestock in Oregon due to Blue Green Algae Blooms in ponds, so livestock growers are heeded to be vigilant about checking ponds and other water sources for outbreaks of Blue Green Algae. A Lake County producer this week lost at least 28 head of cattle that had had access to a moderate size reservoir on his property that had a significant Blue Green algae bloom the water. OSU microbiologist Dr. Theo Dreher has done significant research on these types of algae blooms and says the past few years of drought and then an abundance of moisture this winter and spring has caused an increased nutrient load to be transported into tanks, ponds and reservoirs. Increased nutrient loads are food for algae and increase the concentration of algae in these water bodies.  These and other factors can create similar situations like the one on Lake County in other areas.  The Lake County producer had never had issues with algae blooms in the past. Blue green algae bloom testing on Lake Simtustus on June 22 resulted in detectable Microcystin levels in Pelton forebay and near Indian Park Campground. Detectable levels were also found immediately downstream of the Reregulating Dam. All levels were below advisory guidelines for recreational waters. PGE is posting Caution Signs at Pelton Park and Indian Park Campground to warn the public of the potential risks from blue green algae when swimming in area. Toxin sampling will continue until the bloom is no longer present.

The Oregon District 5 All-Star Tournament begins this Saturday at sites in Redmond. Warm Springs Nation Little League is sending four all-star teams to the tournament – minors, juniors and majors softball and majors baseball. All softball games are being played at Bowlby Park. Majors’ Baseball will play at the Umatilla Sports Complex.  It’s a double-elimination format.

The Branch of Natural Resources has issued notice that it is permanently closing portions of the W-240 and W-245 roads that are directly next to the Upper Warm Springs River. There will not be access to the area while deconstruction is done to the portions of the roads, and the reroute is completed, which will be by the end of September. The re-route will add about 15 minutes of travel time to access the Upper Warm Springs River. This is for the benefit of wildlife and fish habitat in this area.