News Stories for Thu., Jun. 29, 2017

The Warm Springs Agency has officially implemented fire season restrictions this week. All zones are at an Industrial Fire Precaution Level 1, with “moderate fire danger” in zones 1 & 2 and “low fire danger” for zone 3.

Burnout operations are expected to begin Thursday on the Sheep Springs fire burning near Sisters. The 10-acre fire, discovered early Monday, was sparked by lightning strikes less than a mile northeast of Sheep Springs Campground in the Metolius Basin north of Sisters. Two smaller fires merged into a single fire. The fire is burning in an area burned by the 2003 B&B Complex Fire. Multiple snags in the area — standing dead trees and dead limbs — present a hazard to firefighters working in the area, so fire managers are taking an indirect approach by planning a burnout.

The Navajo Nation has the right to determine whether it can exercise jurisdiction over public school districts in Arizona, a divided federal appeals court has ruled. Tribes, generally, lack authority over non-citizens, according to the U.S. Supreme Court. That’s especially the case for activities that occur on lands owned by non-Indians. reports, in a 2-1 ruling on Wednesday, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals said the 1868 Navajo treaty recognizes the tribe’s sovereignty over tribally-owned lands. That means the school districts must answer to complaints about their compliance with tribal laws. The 26-page decision sets an important precedent because other public school districts have challenged the tribe’s authority in recent years. The tribe points out that most schools, when they enter into leases with the tribe, agree to abide by “all laws, regulations, and ordinances” on the reservation.

The Oregon Food Bank supplies foods to local food banks throughout the state. In Warm Springs, the food bank is operated by the Warm Springs Presbyterian Church. Donations help to keep food banks up and running. One of the Oregon Food Bank’s largest fundraising efforts begins tomorrow in Portland.  It is the 30th Annual Safeway Waterfront Blues Festival.  The Blues Festival will run Friday through the 4th of July at Tom McCall Waterfront Park in Portland. KWSO is happy to once again be able to give listeners the opportunity to catch some of the music from Blues Festival. Tomorrow starting at 6pm, we will carry a broadcast into the evening.  We will be airing the Blues Festival through the 4th of July – from noon to 10pm Saturday and Sunday, 6-10pm Monday and noon to 10 on Tuesday. It is an Oregon Community Media broadcast coordinated by KBOO in Portland. And, remember that the Warm Springs Food Bank does take donations of canned and dried goods, as well as cash. If you want to make a donation, go by the Warm Springs Presbyterian Church.