News Stories Jul. 16, 2018

The Sunflower Flat Hazardous Fuels Reduction Project is seeking input on potential hazardous fuel reduction in 11 thousand acres that are part of the Coyote Creek Watershed.   There are two public meetings this Thursday at noon in the Greeley Heights Community Building and 6pm at Simnasho Longhouse. The Project involves lands at the North Reservation Border – east of Highway 26.  Quartz Butte is in the middle of the area with Log Springs to the Southeast – Kelly Springs and Foreman’s Point on the Northeast portion.   The S-500 from the 216 will be the Northwest Corner to the Southwest Corner around Doll Pine.  Packy Gulch is also within the project area.   Everyone is invited to the meetings this Thursday to share what they know about these areas.

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — Health officials in northwestern Oregon say a third person has tested positive for measles. Multnomah County health officials tell KATU-TV that the person, who was not vaccinated, tested positive Friday. Officials say the person had close contact with another person diagnosed with measles on July 6. Health officials say that about 500 people have been exposed to a confirmed case of measles in the Portland area. Officials say those with the highest risk of catching measles are those who aren’t vaccinated, pregnant women, infants under 12 months old and people with weakened immune systems.

A new report explores how Native Americans are perceived in the United States. One of its project leaders says it’s the largest public-opinion research project about Native Americans ever conducted. Crystal Echo Hawk says the goal of the report ‘Reclaiming Native Truth’ is to find out about the dominant narratives and perceptions of native people from a diverse group of Americans. It included focus groups spanning 11 states and every race. Echo Hawk says contradictory stereotypes about Native Americans persist, such as ideas that they’re dependent on the government, but also flush with casino money. Nearly three-quarters of respondents said schools need to make significant curriculum changes on Native American culture and history. She hopes the report also acts as a road map to create more positive narratives for Native Americans.