News Stories Jul. 17, 2018

Yesterday afternoon around 4:30 a wildfire broke out along highway 26 and took off near the Agency Cemetery road.  The “Ben Lane Fire” was driven by winds toward the intersection of highway 26 with highway 3.  Structure protection immediately stood ground between the leading edge of the fire to protect two homes and the Catholic Church.  Previously dug dozer lines set in place by fire management earlier in the season – kept the wildfire from the Miller Heights subdivision and a back burn on the hillside across from KWSO – worked in eliminating fuels for the fire to spread any further.  The “Ben Lane Fire” burned an estimated 300 acres.

The Highway 97, Madras to Terrebonne road improvement project continues to slow traffic in the evening hours. Grinding and paving work is being done Sunday to Thursday nights. There will be one-way traffic with flaggers and pilot cars between 7 pm and 7 am, with traffic delays of up to 20 minutes. If you are traveling that way, be mindful of the workers and traffic.

After the discovery of methamphetamine contamination, a closure and extensive abatement work in the Agency Longhouse in Warm Springs, the Tribes’ have continued to test other tribal buildings. On the Tribes’ Facebook Page, it was announced that they have completed presence/absence testing for meth in both the Simnasho and HeHe Longhouses. The results for both were negative meaning there is no contamination in those facilities. The Tribes continue to work to ensure the safety of community members utilizing tribal buildings.

A fire weather warning has been issued for Jefferson, Crook and Deschutes Counties. The Red Flag Warnings starting this afternoon come as increasing wind, scorching hot temperatures and low relative humidity create the potential for extreme fire behavior. Any outdoor burning is not recommended.

Warm Springs Recreation provided these results from the Pi-Ume-Sha Fun Run:


  1. Taylor Ashley 00:12:16
  2. Bill Ashley 00:12:16
  3. “Stretch” Jones. 00:15:28
  4. SP Arqette. 00.18:26
  5. Romaine Miller 0:19:26
  6. Darryl Smith. 0:19:26


  1.  Alyssa Macy 0:27:10

2)        Chuck Alexander 0:29:34

3)        Rich Lohman 0:32:11

4)        Marcell Smartlowit 0:32.28

5)        Janice Alexander   0:32.29

6)        William Jim-Arquette 0:32.29

7)        Doug Cleavenger 0:34.13

8)        Natalie Kirk 0:36.01

9)        Robert Jim 0:36.30

10)      Vincent Simtustus 0:38.50

11)      John Kuneki 0:42.33

12)      Cheryl Lohman 0:43.39

13)      Kelli Palmer 0:51.28

14)      Katrina Greene 0:53.28


  1. Tilden McDonald 0:43:31
  2. Leander Smith 0:52.20
  3. Jonathan Courtney 0:53.03.
  4. Jane Cleavenger 0:53.21

5)        Kahseuss Jackson 0:57.16

6)        Taylor Arthur 1:03.23

7)        Walt Carten 1:04.14

8)        Don Courtney 1:04.52

9)        Kurt Lynam 1:05.48

10)      Julia Heath 1:12.51